DC Fawcett Reviews On Essential Resources Needed For Virtual Investing

Many investors believe that the only way they can invest in real estate is buying land near by their living areas. But, the reality is, there are many option available in internet, one such method is virtual real estate investing. You can buy properties anywhere and all you need is a computer and internet connection. You can buy or sell properties without even seeing a seller or owner.

DC Fawcett a real estate guru says “Virtual real estate investing can be an easy task and it needs some of the essential resources like property research, marketing tools etc. Let us see in details about all the resources one by one”

Tools for property research

Before getting started with virtual real estate investing, you need to do a basic research on properties using online tools like listing sites and Google earth. Online listing websites provides all the information required for virtual real estate investing.

“If you are not aware of the local market information then you may lose your money” DC Fawcett complaints. Let’s say that you are going buy a property at Tampa, Florida but you are from different place. Before buying the property you have to understand the local market i.e Tampa and estimate what could be the reasonable price for that property. This is crucial because real estate market has many fraudsters and you need to be precautious while investing. So, listing websites can easily make you understand the market and value of the property. It can find the local real estate agents and even sell the property for you.

Google Earth

Google earth is another valuable resource for virtual real estate investing. It can help you to find the precise location of the property quickly and with latitude and longitude details you can find any location on earth. You can even measure the distance from one point to another point which can be very useful in distance calculation.

If you want to find a layout and surroundings of a property then Google earth can help you to locate it precisely. On the whole, Google earth is very powerful tool for the beginners who wants to invest in virtual real estate investing.

Choose a right channel for marketing!

As per DC Fawcett reviews, there are many marketing channel through which you can create property listings in a matter of minutes. But you need to choose a right one which suits your needs. There are many leading websites which offer services as a marketing medium. Read on the reviews about those sites and start using it.

What challenges you would face in virtual real estate investing?

DC Fawcett complaints about investors who often argue that visiting the property in real time and make sure that the property does exist is very important. Its true! But it is not necessary as virtual real estate investing has become a most dependable way of investing nowadays.

Consider that you are buying a house, you need to visit the property and inspect it thoroughly which could cost you the travel and other expenses. Sometimes lot of effort is needed in doing repairs and renovation to the property you are buying. Despite all these efforts you may not be assured with the success of getting profit. But virtual real estate investments are entirely a different thing and you don’t have to worry about any of the expenses.

DC Fawcett reviews states that you need to make use of these essential resources for virtual real estate investing and kick start your career with great success!


How To Find Best Investment Rating In Real Estate – by DC Fawcett

DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate investing club

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to make money. However, it has always been a challenge to find the genuine real estate company.  The real estate investment rating measures the property’s risk-adjusted returns, compared to a risk-free property asset. A real estate rating is an important factor which can be used as a reference to decide about investing in a particular real estate company. DC Fawcett provides the tips to the investors to find the best investment rating in real estate.

How to find the best investment rating in real estate?

Though it has been a challenge to find the best investment rating in real estate, it is not impossible to find. When you think about investing in a real estate company, there will be certain hints which cannot be overlooked. You need to see how many stars it has got and read the reviews that the investors had given. Every company gets positive and negative feedback from the investors, depending on the services they got from those companies. The real estate companies may have a rating based on the number of stars they have. The star ratings are from 1 to 7 with 7 being the highest and 1 being the least. 1 star indicates poor service and 7 stars indicate best service. Here are the critical factors which help you to find the best investment rating in real estate.

  1. Project Developer Quality – It assesses the developer’s track records in estimating the stipulated timelines in the project they are currently handling. It determines the developer’s capacity to complete the project in a given organizational setup and the financial budget to fund the project till it is completed successfully.
  2. Project Construction Quality – It consists of the creative and innovative concepts that are to be used while constructing the building. Green building, amenities, recreational facilities, etc. are the examples of creativity that are used as a constructing a building. The factors involved in this concept are contractors track records, the developers have deployed, the technology used for construction, easy availability of raw materials and labor, which might lead to time overruns.
  3. Project Legal Quality – It refers to clear legal title to the land, government approval status, that includes a 7/12 extract required for the project, which includes land usage, clear environment, clearance certificate etc. for further proceedings. It also covers the sale deed evaluation to make sure that transactions are clear and transparent.
  4. Project Financial Quality – It mainly refers to project funding status, mix funding and the financial flexibility of the project.



  • Investors can locate the best places to invest.
  • They can identify the property that is most beneficial to them.
  • The investors can provide objective criteria and the price range that fits their budget.
  • Can calculate the right and expected rent income.

Sellers and Agents

  • Are able to calculate the best price for quick sale.
  • Helps them to expand their property to national buyers’ pool.
  • Differentiate property values.
  • Build confidence in transaction value.


  • Can determine the collateral value of present and future.
  • Evaluate possible loss during foreclosure.
  • Decision to foreclose or loan modification becomes easy.


It mainly depends on the investors to rate the real estate company depending on the services they give and the creativity they use to construct the building without compromising with the quality.